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About this Production

"Good Luck" tells the story of an orphan who is pursuing happiness in life, but ends up facing the challenges of an unexpected lottery win. Tom grows up in a crowded orphanage, often visiting his favourite lake. As a young adult, he founds a music club with his friend Cem. His girlfriend Lilli is expecting a child. As he pursues success in life and business, he suddenly wins an exorbitant sum in the lottery. Tom reacts with joy, but also with worry: he is afraid to lose the money, as most winners do, to irresponsible spending. He does everything he can to secure his wealth and even multiply it. He takes extreme measures, and after many setbacks, he achieves lasting financial success. But what price has he had to pay? With whom should he share his wealth and his success? Only when it is already too late does Tom reckon what's actually valuable for him.